Why Is Sous Vide Cooking So Popular

Because of how fancy the name of this cooking method sounds, it can be tempting to classify it as too difficult for the average person. All you really have to do, however, is seal the food you want to cook in a plastic bag and then submerge it in a water bath, which will carefully maintain the same temperature for however long that food needs to cook. When it is done, take it out, finish the meal, and serve.  It is much easier than the sound of the name suggests. But why should you choose this cooking method over any other cooking method?

In short, because it produces a much better result and is much more consistent. For example, the perfect cooking time for a piece of red meat can vary widely depending on what pan you are using, what type of stove top you have, how thick the meat is, etc. The window during which that meat is perfectly cooked (both safe to eat and delicious), is tiny, if it exists at all, as the exterior of the meat is going to be much hotter than the interior of the meat.

Sous vide, on the other hand, presents a much wider window and much more even cooking. You are not just better able to gauge the temperature of the medium your food is being cooked in, you are also able to maintain that temperature, so you can calculate exactly when your food is perfectly done. Instead of wildly fluctuating temperatures, you have total control over your meal. No more dry edges, no more variable doneness, and no more overcooking, just to make sure the interior of the meat is warm enough to kill bacteria. It essentially takes all of the anxiety out of cooking what would otherwise be very complicated meals, which makes it hugely beneficial for the average cook and extremely popular among those who want to take back the creativity of cooking.

The Sous Vide has become popular with home chefs around the world. If you have cooked a meal for your family, you know that it is all about the timing. Just a moment off and your food could be ruined. Sous Vide Cooking ensures perfect temperature, always tender and perfectly cooked food every time, its that easy!