Hi there! 
Thank you for taking interest in providing a recipe to the Sous Vide Chef e-book. 

My name is Brent, I am the owner and operator of www.sousvidechef.com.au I am in the process of looking for chefs to provide some of their favourite Sous Vide Recipes which the budding home chef can create from their own kitchen. 

How will the e-book work?

This is a FREE ebook for customer's that visit my site will be prompted to download the recipe book by entering their email address this is how the book will be sent to them, they can then view and print the recipes provided, I am hoping to have this created and available in March so please provide a recipe prior to the end of February if possible.

What type of cooking method do you require? 

We are after recipes that utilise Sous Vide Cooking and the use of a Food Vacuum Sealer (not chamber vacuum)

These Recipes are for the budding home chef or someone learning Sous Vide cooking method who wants to create a delicious Sous Vide meal at home and what better way to do that than with a recipe and advice from a professional chef!

We want the budding home chef  print off your recipe to go down to their local supermarket grab the ingredients come home and cook it's that simple all knowing that it's provided by you! 

What do I get by providing a Recipe?

In return for the recipe, I will provide you with a one page spread which provides the recipe a picture of you (if you wish) also a brief bio and a link to your personal website (if you have one). My idea around providing your recipe on one page is so if someone wants to print out that specific recipe they will know its from you! I want to be able to give you exposure as well! 

What type of recipes are you after?

 Any recipes that are either vegetarian or the use of a protein i.e Chicken, Fish, Duck, Meat etc remember these are for the budding home chef to create at home that can impress family and friends.

What is required to submit a recipe?

Submitting a recipe is easy! email info@sousvidechef.com.au with the following: 

  • The recipe title

  • The method / cooking instructions any little tips that are useful

  • A picture of the recipe (not required but great if you can show off your skills!) 

  • A picture of yourself to go next to the recipe (Not required if you don't want to)

  • A Brief 2-3 line bio about yourself I can put under the recipe

  • A link to your personal website where people can go to view more information about you if they choose. 

  • Best contact information email or phone (only for my use to contact you if required) 

Any future ideas or plans you have that may benefit me? 

Sure do! 

My current Sous Vide Australia blog will be getting some more love shortly again I wanted to provide recipes, Sous Vide Cooking tips which people can view again if you wish to provide this you are welcome to and as always I will give you credit for supplying the information, a brief bio and a link to your personal website.

I have a Question not listed above or a suggestion for this book? 

Please contact me directly info@sousvidechef.com.au or fill in the contact us form below and I will respond to you!