Benefits of Vacuum Sealers

One of the biggest benefits of vacuum sealers is that they make it possible to easily sous vide just about anything you want. This is not, however, the only reason that vacuum sealers are great to have in your kitchen. Some of the other big benefits include:

  •  Storing foods – If you are looking for a better way to store food, vacuum sealing that food is ideal. Removing the air from around those foods ensures less freezer burn, less mold, and less bacteria. You can store the foods you buy for double, sometimes triple or quadruple the amount of time they would last if you had not vacuum sealed them. For example, the average piece of beef should only be frozen for up to a year. When it is vacuum sealed, however, it could stay good for up to three years! 
  • Packaging food for camping – For example, there is nothing worse than getting to your campsite and discovering that dirt has gotten in your snacks. Vacuum sealing your food can also make it less likely to attract animals. Just as no air is getting into those packages, no air is getting out, either, so your food is less likely to attract wild animals.
  •  No freezer burn – Even if you use your frozen meats or vegetables well within their use-by dates, if they are not vacuumed sealed, you absolutely will see freezer burn develop eventually. You can completely avoid freezer burn by vacuuming sealing all of your food before you put it in the freezer.

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