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Increasing Popularity of Sous Vide as a Preferred cooking method.

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Sous Vide method is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. This method is cheap, easy to handle and practical. Previously this process was only seen in fancy restaurants, but now it is widely seen in home cooking as well.

In this method all, you have to do is to put all the ingredients into a plastic bag and seal it. Place the plastic bag into a water bath or cooker and set the temperature according to your preference. After the food reaches its set temperature, remove the meat or steaks and sear it. Voila! The method of sealing and preserving food is not new. It dates back to ancient times.

There are many reasons behind the popularity of this unusual method. Firstly, it gives dishes that are impossible to cook by traditional methods. It is an excellent way to cook steaks and different kind of meats. This approach does not allow the meat to burn or undercook. In short, you get the perfect dish for a very short duration of time. It is a practical method which gives perfect tenderness to the meat you desire without destroying its natural flavors. You achieve even crust and well balanced flavors.

It also kills the potential pathogens and improves the quality of food by ensuring safety measurement. Moreover, vacuuming the food decrease the chances of decaying of food.

And lastly, this method is very affordable and easy to handle. A little practice and you are ready to go.

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