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All Your Sous Vide Needs In One Convenient Online Location!

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Welcome to Sous Vide Chef Australia your one stop shop for all your Sous Vide needs.  Whether you're a budding home chef who loves to create amazing, tender and beautifully flavoured meals to impress family and friends, or your the professional chef or restaurant manager looking to upgrade or expand on your commercial Sous Vide cooking equipment we have something for you. is your premier online retailer open 24/7 for you to browse our wide range of Sous Vide Machines, Vacuum Sealers, Commercial Equipment, Vacuum Chamber Packing Machines, Immersion Circulators, Water Baths and a large range of Accessories.

Sous Vide cooking doesn't need to be hard just set the temperature, set the timer, and walk away. You will end up with perfectly cooked food every time.




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