Sous Vide Chef Website has been Updated!

Sous Vide Chefs Website Has Been Updated! 

Sous Vide Chef is proud to announce our new website, with our significant growth over the last 2 years we decided it was time for a face lift!

At Sous Vide Chef we are always looking to improve and make things better, we hope you enjoy the new website layout and functionality we believe it's now even easier to navigate and find those items you're looking for quickly and efficiently.

There will be some more changes happening over the next few months with what we add to the website, this will not effect any browsing or user functionality and you will still be able to order your favourite items without any problems. 

There is also a huge update happening on our social media platforms and they will become more active very shortly to ensure you don't miss out on any news, special or new products we have. 

All new websites can have teething problems If you do find any issues with the website please let us know by either filling in the form on the contact us page or email us directly: chef@sousvidechef.com.au 

We appreciate you shopping at Sous Vide Chef.