Lava Vacuum Sealers, Bags & Rolls have Arrived!

by Sous Vide Chef 04 October, 2018 1 min read

Lava Vacuum Sealers, Bags & Rolls have Arrived!

Sous Vide Chef is proud to stock Lava Vacuum Sealers, Bags & Rolls 

Lava Vacuum Packaging Professional Vacuum Sealers are made in Germany. Lava produces the worlds best external Vacuum Sealers. 

Lava has been operating for over 30 years and has over 250,000 satisfied customers in over 45 countries now they are available within the Australia market. 

All Lava products are produced on a long term basis and should satisfy customers over ages. All Lava products are engineered and developed in Germany and produced under the highest guidelines.

Every Vacuum Sealer and Vacuum Sealer Accessories passes a 100 % quality and functional control, before it leaves the production.

All Lava Vacuum Sealers offer a spare parts availability guarantee of 20 years! no more throwing away your machine if it breaks down have the confidence knowing you can get a great quality long lasting machine with Lava.

I have spoken with the team at Lava and we have an amazing to welcome Lava Vacuum Sealers to Australia.

Currently Lava Vacuum Sealers have 2 year warranty, with an extended option upto 5 years. Lava Vacuum Sealers have kindly agreed to offer a


Find this offer on eligible Lava Vacuum Sealers but it is for a limited time only! 

To view the range of Lava Vacuum Sealers Click Here.


Sous Vide Chef
Sous Vide Chef

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